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Compliance & Risk

Whether as simple as a site visit to obtain a sample, or as complex as conducting incident management & reporting on a full scale emergency response disaster, or somewhere in between where we help you understand technical regulation compliance requirements, Carters have the expertise to manage any asbestos related situation. This includes comprehensive procedures, personal protective equipment (PPE) and risk mitigation to ensure safety is a priority as well as supporting documentation to meet all regulation requirements to demonstrate our clients' compliance to 'duty of care' when an asbestos related incident occurs.


Lead in Paint

During maintenance, renovation or demolition works, uncontrolled lead exposure can cause significant effects for illness or injury to workers. Carters can assist clients with the risk assessment requirements for investigating lead in paints by implementing a comprehensive sampling strategy and programme to determine if the paint systems at your workplace or work site contain lead.


Asbestos in Soils

Carters Asbestos Management have consultants experienced in the assessment of contaminated soils relating to asbestos. We can provide site inspection services, analytical assessment and advice to assist with the management or remediation process, implementing control measures to help mitigate potential risks during site disturbances or development. Carters work in constant consultation with environmental consultants to cover soil waste classification requirements and development of ‘site management plans’ and remediation strategies in accordance with state and NEPM guidelines.

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Specialist Services

In certain circumstances Carters are able to undertake specialist consultancy services for mould and methamphetamines.

Mould and Methamphetamine contamination within residential buildings is becoming an increasing problem for property owners / managers. A growing number of prudent purchasers and property managers are including screening as part of pre-purchase or pre-leasing processes. Similar guidelines to asbestos and hazardous materials inspection and sampling procedures are used to conduct screening / testing to check for traces of mould and meth contamination.

Lead in dust


During building and demolition works the disturbance of ceiling spaces containing settled dusts can cause a high increase in lead exposure having the potential to cause significant effects in illness or injury to workers. Carters can assist clients with the requirements for investigating lead dusts and the development of Lead Management Plans buildings based upon findings of a comprehensive inspection, sampling strategy and programme. This will assist in the management of controlled building works and demolition projects.


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