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What is Pre-Demo / Renovation Survey?

Whenever building or construction work is being planned, a refurbishment / demolition survey should be carried out. This includes refurbishment, maintenance that will be disturbing existing building materials, demolition, extension and other construction activities.

A refurbishment / demolition survey should be undertaken on any type of building (built before 31st December 2003), prior to construction or refurbishment work, or extensive maintenance work.

A demolition / refurbishment survey is more intrusive and may include extensive sampling and testing of materials for asbestos and other hazardous materials (hazmat). This is due to parts of the buildings or plant, including those which might normally be inaccessible, are likely to be disturbed by the building, refurbishment or demolition works.

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Why do I need a Pre-Demolition / Renovation Inspection

To find potential hidden/concealed asbestos and hazardous materials that will not have been identified in a standard visual inspection survey.

These materials will pose a significant health risk to trades, builders and other building occupants during demolition and refit. Unearthing unknown asbestos can also impact the timeline of your project, and could add significant costs.


Carters extensive building knowledge can help assist in providing compliance and an updated asbestos and or hazardous materials register pertinent to the building works that are proposed.

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In a number of cases previously presumed asbestos can return a negative result following sample analysis thus not requiring spending on asbestos removal and resulting in cost savings often the results pay for the cost of inspection.


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