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Asbestos Maintenance and Remediation 

Carters has a team of well trained dedicated consultants, who are able to provide emergency or planned ‘make safes’ or repairs of minor damaged Asbestos containing materials. This includes minor repairs, collection transport and disposal of asbestos waste in accordance with EPA requirements, installation of caution / warning signage and register document holders.  

When is an Asbestos Clearance Certificate Required?

When asbestos is removed in a workplace or someone’s home, your state’s applicable Workplace Health & Safety Regulations are likely to require an Asbestos Clearance Certificate, particularly when;

          Undertaking of bonded asbestos removal works greater than 10m2;

Undertaking of any friable asbestos removal works (must also include air monitoring during and following asbestos removal works);

Prior to the demolition of any building. This must be preceded by an investigation of the building for asbestos with an asbestos register documented for the building and the removal of all asbestos materials;

As part of a development application as may be required by your local council. This must also be preceded by an asbestos survey for the building and may require the removal of asbestos materials that will be disturbed by your planned works.


The purpose of the Asbestos Clearance Certificate is to ensure that all visible asbestos fragments posing a significant health risk have been removed.

Who can conduct an Asbestos clearance inspection?

Regulations state that asbestos clearance inspections must be undertaken by:

An independent licensed asbestos assessor, for work that has been carried out by a Class A licensed asbestos removalist
(for example, if the removal work involved friable asbestos)

An independent competent person, for asbestos work that was not required to be carried out by a Class A licensed asbestos removalist (for example, if removal work involved more than 10 m2 of non-friable asbestos).

Carters asbestos assessors are licensed for the purposes of Class A asbestos removals, we are also competent to inspect other asbestos removal works.

What's involved in providing an Asbestos Clearance Certificate?

Once the removal and clean up has been undertaken, our Asbestos Assessor undertakes a visual inspection of the removal work area, including transit routes and location of asbestos waste, ensuring no visible asbestos debris is left on site as a result of the removal works and surfaces appropriately cleaned in line with legislation requirements.

Asbestos air monitoring is recommended for asbestos removal works to provide assurance that the asbestos work area is fit for re-occupation.

Appropriate signage and protective barriers restricting access to the asbestos work area must remain in place and no unauthorised entry is permitted until the clearance inspection is complete and a clearance certificate is issued.


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