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What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) documents the particular concerns on your site and responsibilities of the different people or groups, such as occupants/staff, contractors and visitors that may potentially disturb the materials. It describes the processes to be undertaken to manage asbestos incidents that may occur, or to facilitate planned asbestos works at the site.

The Plan must include;

  •   Any particular asbestos management issues for your site;

  •   The hierarchy of control and obligations of individuals;

  •   The responsibilities of contractors working on the site;

  •   Some general guidelines for asbestos removal works;

  •   Procedures to be followed for works associated with asbestos;

  •   Asbestos Emergency Procedures.

This document is based on the findings from the asbestos register survey/inspection in conjunction with relevant WHS/OHS&W guidelines and compliance codes of practice.


Who is responsible for providing the Asbestos Management Plan?

Put simply, the person with management or control of a workplace is the person responsible for supplying an Asbestos Management Plan. In most cases, this is the owner of the property, but includes persons such as employers. 

There are cases where the tenant may be responsible if, for example, they are able to make structural changes to a property without the permission of the owner. A property manager such as an estate agent or body corporate manager may be considered by Work Safe to be jointly responsible for supplying the management plan to a particular property that it manages.

Responsible means that these people or companies may be subject to fines and improvement notices by the regulatory authority for non-compliance if there is no asbestos management plan for the property.

Who requires access to the Asbestos Management Plan?

The asbestos management plan, along with the asbestos register, should be readily accessible to anyone who may require access to them, such as:

  • A worker who has carried out, carries out or intends to carry out, work at the workplace

  • Health and safety representatives who represent workers at the workplace

  • A person conducting a business or undertaking who has carried out, carries out or intends to carry out, work at the workplace (i.e. a contractor)

  • A person conducting a business or undertaking who has required, requires, or intends to require work to be carried out at the  workplace (i.e. a principal contractor)

A worker who carries out work at a workplace does not need to be a direct employee of the workplace. A worker covers a broad range of people and may include contractors, labour-hire, volunteers.



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